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Improving our standards and developing new packaging designs plays a big part with the success of our company. Premier Packaging Products utilizes paper Honeycomb and solid Fiber Partitions for a wide array of industries to ensure the safe transportation of consumer products. Both of our products deliver exceptional economic value in efficiency and utilization since they are manufactured to the product specifically. Paperboard honeycomb is made from recycled kraft paper and water-based glue and acts as a durable, lightweight, and cost-effective solution for packaging industrial products. Fiber Honeycomb panels boasts a strength to weight ratio that is more impressive than other products on the market, such as steel. The strength lies in the design with the core and liner paper sandwiched together making an outstanding product. Perhaps the single biggest threat to a company’s business when packaging their products, is that of transit damage. This could have a negative impact on a company if their products do not reach the end user undamaged. Honeycomb packaging provides protection to materials inside and out. From corner edge protectors for cushioning, to die cutting pieces for irregular shaped items, our company offers the most comprehensive product protection. Other uses include pallets, dunnage, inner support, and signage displays.

Our sales and engineering team takes a proactive approach when providing the right solution for the product. Identifying the application, collecting information, and creating a custom design puts us at a competitive advantage in the market.

When it comes to interior packaging, business owners and manufacturers of consumer goods are turning to Premier Packaging Products to assist them with their interior packaging needs. Our experience with box partitions allow us to serve a range of industries and provide the best solution. Our high quality SBS partitions are used for pharmaceutical companies looking to prevent scuffing and abrasion damage. Other industries such as glass container, cosmetics, spirits, automotive are benefiting by using our recycled partitions.

Our standard Chipboard and corrugated partitions and separator come in a variety of calipers and finishes to maximize protection.

Box partitions have the ability to be extremely flexible, while providing considerable packaging strength. Many businesses require the utmost protection for their products, which is why we supply unique options to pack and transport effectively. We are here to innovate and create new solutions that will keep production moving forward.