Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Premier Packaging

In the event your load is already unitized in a gaylord or another type of container and no pallet deck is required to handle it, honeycomb PSA runners or blocks can be applied directly under it allowing for significant cost savings.

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is a silicone release liner that keeps components from sticking together in shipment and storage. These are produced in blocks, runners, or sheets and used for any clean surface. The customer simply peels back the liner and applies it. This takes out mess, saves on time, labor, and diminishes the use of wood pallets. This product comes in a variety of thicknesses and cell sizes to meet the requirements of our customer. Depending on how the customer plans on protecting or transporting its product, we use our expertise and identify the best utilization of our PSA products for your application. Cookie-cut blocks are easy to use since the customer can break them away and use as needed.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive honeycomb runners take out mess, saves on time, labor, and diminishes the use of wood pallets.

Key characteristics of the customer’s product helps us answer most of these questions. For example, the approximate fragility, height, weight, and how the load will be distributed are all key aspects of the solution. The expertise we have in our industry leaves us at a competitive advantage to assisting our customers with the best possible solutions.