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The global Honeycomb packaging market is witnessing high growth throughout many different industries of consumer and industrial goods. Honeycomb used in exterior packaging helps reduce density and is a viable alternative to protect products through shipment. Due to Honeycomb’s high absorbing properties and economical characteristics, companies are beginning to see the value in this solution. Exterior packaging is a large segment type in the market since it enhances safety in product transportation. Ease of handling is also important when determining the proper solution. For example, shipping glass crates requires honeycomb to act as a void filler to keep sheets from coming in contact with the hard wood. The shipper of these crates doesn’t need to worry about honeycomb breaking apart in shipment. Versatility is another characteristic honeycomb displays in this example.

Honeycomb is easily disposable and can be recycled, shredded, and reused.

Continuous development for electronics in the market is a motivating factor of Honeycomb packaging. These include TV’s and computer monitors needing proper solutions for safe shipment throughout the supply chain. Therefore, panels or edge protectors would be utilized in this example. It is also important to include the array of sizes and thicknesses honeycomb can be produced to give it the right amount of support. The market is categorized based on product type and application. The furniture market is an opportunity to provide companies with corner guards to keep the legs of the product from being damaged from rough handling or misuse. Reverse slit-score is used to build up a base to keep the furniture from damage during shipment. Other examples of exterior packaging using honeycomb are top panels, base pads, and separator panels. Top panels are strong flat surfaces used for stacking one pallet unit on top of another. This prevents imprints on products. Base pads cushion the load and protects from indention marks caused by nails. Lastly, separator panels allow irregular shaped products to be stacked on a pallet without warping or crushing the product below. After identifying a few examples of exterior packaging, one can see the value honeycomb offers. It’s important to note that this material is cut to size specific to the product.

Our honeycomb can be engineered into the ultimate protective packaging providing optimal edge protection and dent prevention as well as anti-abrasion.

Our solutions are used in the wood and metal furniture industry, to protect electrical enclosures or window frames.

The “Clear-view pack" allows the handling person to see through the packaging and therefore notice when a product is fragile. He will then take extra precaution not to damage the product.

Honeycomb sheets on top of pallets are an ingenious solution to prevent damage when the units are stacked and help maximize your load. Our top pallet sheets are user-friendly:

  • Cut corners allow a high level of containment when stretch-wrapping the load without tearing the film.
  • Slit-scored top pallet sheets prevent the strapping band from digging into the products.